About Me

I am a mother of two girls and one cat in Kensal Green, London.
I love my home, my girls, my animals and my creature comforts.
And all things good including food, the great outdoors and a well designed anything.

I thought I had learned a few things before making my debut album, Not Again.
But then in making it, I had to learn these things again. And then again after that.

My first album with my fantastic band Laura Matthews & The Flakes, Live at The Elmwood, has been out a few years now. Check it out if you haven’t already. We recorded it on an early Summer’s night at The Elmwood Tennis Club, where i put on the live music events called Lightening The Night. Nothing short of a miracle that we managed to record what we did. I particularly love the clinking of bottles at the bar during the guitar solo in Glow. Listen out!

I’ve got to add my band The Flakes, the list of things I love. Musicians at the top of their game: Mike McKenzie on drums, Steve Fitzgerald on guitar and Chris Jones on bass. Chris is very handy at sorting the sound too.

We are looking forward to recording a new album this year in 2020, so watch this space!

Please spread the word – both our albums Not Again and Live at The Elmwood are selling at Rough Trade. com. 

Whatever it takes to make it all better, every single day.

“Our love will keep the fire aglow / That’s how the story goes..” (from Glow on Live at The Elmwood)