Pam and The Avett Brothers

This is a piece by Pamela Goodheart Zarubica, written on 5 September 2016

It was the gig of a lifetime. ‘That was good’, they said. Jesus, you guys must all by British. That was fucking amazing.  Steve loosened up immediately, but then he owns a lot of good guitars. The cello player was slow to follow, but that’s a cello player for you, unless you happen to be a pivotal member of the Avett Brothers and their mad Asian bloke who holds his cello like a well rehearsed dancing partner. She moves with him, sways with him. I’m sure they rehearsed forever, that she rests near him in the bed when he awakes.
My body is sore, feels the punishing imprint of the not refurbished cinema seats on its frame. The stairs were merciless but it was worth it. So beyond worth it. It was one of the best things i ever did, an experience i will remember forever. Rocking out with the Avett Brothers at the Shepherds Bush 02 with John and Joanna, many cool music lovers of all ages and descriptions, not to mention Laura Matthews and the Flakes. Rock on Flakes, you’re next.